MBoC Paper of the Year

About the Award

Chosen by MBoC Associate Editors, the first author of the paper judged to be the best of the year, from June to May. Nominators must be ASCB members.

Who is Eligible

How to Apply

There is no application process. Papers are chosen by MBoC Associate Editors.

Nominees for and recipients of ASCB honorific awards and prizes are expected to exemplify and to continue to exemplify the highest standards of professional conduct. Letters of support should explicitly address whether a nominee’s professional conduct over their career embodies the principles and expectations noted in ASCB’s Mission Statement, the Community Code of Conduct, the Honorific Code of Conduct and the Workforce Diversity Statement.

As a founder of the Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA https://sfdora.org/), the ASCB does not use journal impact factors or other journal-based metrics in the evaluation process for its award candidates. The ASCB looks at an individual’s research contributions and impact on the field, rather than the prestige of the journals where work is published.

All Recent Awardee Photos

Award Winners

  • 2023—Hongjiang Si
  • 2023—Luis Bonet-Ponce
  • 2023—Zachary T. Swider
  • 2023—Reuben Philip
  • 2023—Alejandro Melero
  • 2022—Vilma Jimenez Sabinina
  • 2021—Colbie R. Chinowsky
  • 2019—Eric T. Hall
  • 2018—Jian Zhang
  • 2017—Nick Davenport
  • 2016—Lorna E. Young
  • 2016—Ernest G. Heimsath
  • 2015—Patrick R. O’Neill
  • 2014—Sebastian Mana-Capelli
  • 2013—Brittany J. Belin
  • 2012—Thomas W. Marshall
  • 2011—Nicholas O. Deakin
  • 2010—Abigail S. Haka
  • 2009—Xue Li Guan, Cleiton M. Souza and Harald Pichler
  • 2008—Ekaterina Grishchuk
  • 2007—Ronald Lebofsky
  • 2006—Melissa Gardner
  • 2005—Atsuko Uchida
  • 2004—Keith Kozminski
  • 2003—Michael Whitfield
  • 2002—Sandra Kneissel
  • 2001—Takayuki Sekito
  • 2000—Gregory Pazour
  • 1999—Han Htun
  • 1998—Owais Saife
  • 1997—Robbin L. DeBiasio
  • 1996—Gretchen L. Kiser