Mentoring Keynote

About the Award

The Mentoring Keynote Lecture is given to an individual who exemplifies mentoring by their impact on the training of scientists and scholars who belong to underrepresented groups, particularly racial and ethnic minorities. Also open to senior scientists. The awardee is selected by the ASCB MAC.

Award Details

The winner receives a plaque, a $1,000 stipend, complimentary meeting registration and gives Mentoring Keynote at Cell Bio 2023.

Who is Eligible

Nominators and self-nominators must be ASCB members, but the candidate need not be. Current voting members of the MAC are not eligible.

Selection Criteria

  • Candidate’s history of mentoring impact and significant contributions to mentoring the next generation of URM/PEER scientists
  • Candidate’s strong history of funding to foster mentoring best practices, as appropriate to the nominee’s home institution
  • Candidate’s national/international recognition in science in his/her field
  • Candidate’s national/international recognition in mentoring of URM/PEERs in the sciences

How to Apply

Applications are closed for this year.

Nominees for and recipients of ASCB honorific awards and prizes are expected to exemplify and to continue to exemplify the highest standards of professional conduct. Letters of support should explicitly address whether a nominee’s professional conduct over their career embodies the principles and expectations noted in ASCB’s Mission Statement, the Community Code of Conduct, the Honorific Code of Conduct and the Workforce Diversity Statement.

As a founder of the Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA, the ASCB does not use journal impact factors or other journal-based metrics in the evaluation process for its award candidates. The ASCB looks at an individual’s research contributions and impact on the field, rather than the prestige of the journals where work is published.

All Recent Awardee Photos

Award Winners

  • 2023—Antentor Hinton
  • 2022—John Matsui
  • 2021—Beronda Montgomery
  • 2020—MariaElena B. Zavala
  • 2019—David Asai
  • 2017—Isiah M. Warner
  • 2016—Tracy L. Johnson
  • 2015—JoAnn Trejo
  • 2014—Renato Aguilera
  • 2013—Lovell P. Jones
  • 2012—Winston Anderson
  • 2011—James H. Wyche
  • 2010—Isiah M. Warner
  • 2009—Lydia Villa-Komarof
  • 2008—Clifton Poodry
  • 2007—Elma Gonzalez