Getting into Graduate School: the Do’s, the Don’ts and the What if’s

Sponsored By: ASCB MAC-IPERT Fund

The Annual ASCB meeting is a unique professional development opportunity for undergraduate students to attend a premier international scientific meeting. This session is designed specifically to inform undergraduate attendees about the ins and outs of applying to and getting into graduate school (MS or PhD) or MD/PhD programs. Topics addressed in the presentation include timelines for admission, requesting letters of recommendation, crafting personal statements and the interview process as well as potential pitfalls in the application process. The speakers have years of experience mentoring undergraduates through the application process and will answer student’s questions to help them become stronger applicants.

Learning Objectives:
1. Acquire broad-based knowledge regarding the process of applying to graduate school or MD/PhD programs, including the application timeline.
2. Gain an understanding of the importance of a diversity statement in their personal statements.
3. Appreciate the importance of the ASCB society in their professional development.

Target Audience: Students, Educators

Tama Hasson, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Research /Director, Undergraduate Research Center – Sciences, Sciences University of California Los Angeles
Stephen Bell, Uncas and Helen Whitaker Professor of Biology, MIT/HHMI

Leticia Vega

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