Transitions Academy – Postdoc Session: Taking Control of the Journey Toward your Independent Career

Sponsored By: Minority Affairs Committee, IPERT Fund

The postdoctoral training phase is designed to prepare newly minted PhDs for an independent scientific career. Thus, landing that desired position as an independent scientist will depend on a demonstrated record of acquired competencies, skills, and achievements that will convince prospective employers of the candidate’s fit for particular positions and likelihood of short- and long-term success. In this session, the panel will discuss key aspects and milestones of building a competitive postdoctoral portfolio that is aligned with targeted positions.

Learning Objectives:
1. Participants will learn strategies for developing a competitive postdoctoral portfolio tailored to targeted job positions
2. Participants will gain an understanding of successful approaches to achieve key milestones during their postdoctoral trajectory and job search.

Target Audience: Postdocs (Junior and Senior)

Damaris Lorenzo, Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Gary Bassell, Professor and Chair, Department of Cell Biology, Emory University
Delany Torres-Salazar, Scientific Review Officer (SRO), National Institutes of Health&
Rajini Rao, Professor, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Ileana Soto Reyes, Assistant Professor, Rowan University
Meng-meng Fu, Principal Investigator, National Institutes of Health

Damaris Lorenzo

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