Transitions Academy – Senior Graduate Session: Planning Your Next Step Finding the Right Path For Your Career

Sponsored By: Minority Affairs Committee, IPERT Fund


In the final year of a Ph.D. program, graduating students must decide which career path they are passionate about. Opportunities exist in academia, industry, government, non-government organizations, and education institutions. What should you consider to enhance your marketability? The panel will use evidence-based information to help you analyze future job markets and job satisfaction of different career paths you are contemplating.


Learning Objectives:
1. Differentiate major postdoctoral positions leading to a rewarding academic, private sector, government, or teaching career.
2. Identify strategies to strengthen one’s marketability.
3. Analyze and determine future job market and job satisfaction of one’s chosen career.

Target Audience: Graduate Students

Michael Boyce, Associate Professor, Duke University
Lina Dahlberg, Associate Professor, Western Washington University
Ansumana Hull, Project Scientist, Bristol Myers Squibb


Thomas Chen

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