ASCB gratefully welcomes individual and corporate donations

By Mail

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Individual Donations

ASCB is here to ensure cell biology continues to be one of the most important areas of study in science for years to come.

Whether it is bringing cell biologists together at the ASCB|EMBO Meeting, helping them publish their findings in ASCB’s scientific journal, Molecular Biology of the Cell, or spreading the excitement of science to the next generation through our outreach grants, we strive to provide members with the funding and recognition needed to do their best science, and to communicate that science to a broader audience.

We can’t do it without your support. Your donation helps by sustaining programs that:

  • Increase diversity in the sciences by supporting the careers of women, underrepresented minorities, LGBTQ+, and international scientists
  • Reach and impassion the next generation of scientists through outreach
  • Influence policy decisions that impact science
  • Assist scientists to come to the ASCB|EMBO Meeting with travel or awards
  • Or—you can choose to give where the need is greatest

Corporate Donations

Companies are invited to participate in ASCB’s Corporate Recognition Program. The Society has many programs throughout the year that reach our members. These include:

  • Webinars
  • East and West Coast Biotech Courses for Students and Postdocs
  • White Papers for Policy Makers
  • Outreach and Other Grants

Support programs to raise your profile with ASCB members and align with your corporate values. For more information or to discuss the programs in more depth, please contact CEO Rebecca Alvania

Corporate Recognition

Because of the many ways to support ASCB—from purchasing a booth or ad to supporting professional development or other programs—we have simplified our recognition. Your total contribution for booth purchases and other support of the ASCB|EMBO meeting, advertising, and support for year-round programs will be counted toward our giving levels. You will get additional recognition and individual memberships when you purchase items or donate to ASCB.

For more information on ASCB|EMBO Meeting support opportunities, please contact Spargo.

For more information about support of all other programs, please contact CEO Rebecca Alvania

Promotions & LevelsLeadership Circle $50,000+Cornerstone Circle $25,000+Ambassadors Circle $12,500+Advocates Circle $7,500+Supporters Circle $5,000+
Showcase Article in ASCB Newsletter and Website
Recognition at ASCB Council Meeting
Priority Space Selection for Following Year’s Annual Meeting
Invitation to President’s Reception at Annual Meeting
1-Month Leaderboard Ad on MBoC, LSE or ASCB Post
Logo and Hyperlink on ASCB Website
Complimentary Pre- or Post-Show Physical Mailing List
Complimentary Color Ad in ASCB NewsletterFull Page½ page¼ page¼ page
Recognition at ASCB Booth at Annual Meeting
Name Listed on ASCB Website
Recognition in ASCB Newsletter
ASCB Corporate Partner Ribbon at Annual Meeting
Complimentary Individual ASCB Memberships53210

ASCB is a 501c3 organization and all donations are tax deductible. The ASCB Identification Number (also known as Employee Identification Number or EIN) is 39-605 42 85.