Recent Local Meetings Oct 2015


Attendees view posters at the 2015 Midwest Membrane Trafficking and Signaling Symposium.

Beyond the Bench Symposium
Cold Spring Harbor, NY. July 18, 2015

Beyond the Bench introduced students to a variety of careers, helped them prepare for those careers, and highlighted the cases of two fascinating people who have had successful careers in both academia and industry. To expose students to different career options, the event featured three panels, on the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, science writing and editing, and startups and venture capital. Three talks focused on getting involved in preparation for one’s future, job hunting and interview skills, and moving up the ladder in your first job. Question and answer sessions featured Rich Roberts, Nobel laureate and chief scientific officer at New England Biolabs, and Chris Wiggins, associate professor at Columbia University and chief data scientist at the New York Times.

The 2015 Midwest Membrane Trafficking and Signaling Symposium
Louisville, KY. July 24, 2015

This one-day symposium took place at the University of Louisville. The goal was to enhance scientific discussion and foster collaboration among scientists at various Midwest institutions whose research is focused on membrane trafficking and signaling in the context of health and disease. The symposium included a keynote talk by former ASCB president Sandra Schmid, invited talks by local speakers, and talks by selected students and postdocs, as well as a poster session. The topics discussed included clathrin-mediated endocytosis, caveolin-based trafficking, vesicular endocytosis and exocytosis during membrane repair, exploitation of membrane trafficking pathways by bacterial pathogens, mechanisms of GLUT4 dysregulation, and regulation of biological processes by several signaling pathways. For more information, visit the symposium website.

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