MBoC Welcomes New Article Types: Reviews, Methods and Resources


ASCB’s Molecular Biology of the Cell (MBoC) has been proudly serving the community for more than 30 years—providing authors with constructive feedback and a quick platform to showcase their work, and providing readers with the highest quality cell biology research. 

We are pleased to share that MBoC is introducing two new manuscript types to better support the community:   

Methods and Resources: describe new technical advances or large data sets, focusing on methods or data sets that will be widely useful, accelerate progress within the field, and/or reveal a new result of biological significance.  

MBoC Reviews: provide definitive coverage and a broad overview of a field, emphasize areas of intersection between cell biology and related disciplines, summarize existing knowledge, and point out important future questions and emerging directions.  

Additionally, we are building a portfolio of new special issues thanks to the hard work of our many special issue editors. Please check out our Call for Papers, and contribute either Research articles, Reviews, or Methods and Resources. As leaders in the field and at the journal, your publishing in MBoC directly supports the ASCB community and impacts the future of the journal. 

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