Mental Health & Managing Stress in Academia

ASCB is presenting a series of Education and Professional Development videos for the benefit of our members.

Mental Health & Managing Stress in Academia

This video was recorded on Dec 9, 2019, at the ASCB|EMBO Meeting in Washington, DC.
Organized by the American Society for Cell Biology Committee for Postdocs and Students (COMPASS)
Moderated by Margherita Perillo, Brown University


  • Sharon Milgram, Director, OITE, National Institutes of Health
  • Wendy Ingram, Psychiatric Epidemiology Postdoctoral Fellow, Johns Hopkins University
  • Natalie Lundsteen, Assistant Dean of Career and Professional Development, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Training environments and careers in academia can be very stressful at all stages. Managing this stress and maintaining good mental health is key to a successful and long-lived scientific career. However, students and faculty are often not trained in self-care and find it difficult to manage these topics for themselves or others. This session focuses on tools and strategies to manage stress and mental health during all career stages in academia.


  1. Understand common mental health issues and learn to recognize common signs and symptoms of mental health problems in yourselves and others.
  2. Learn how to mentor and help colleagues struggling with these issues.
  3. Learn how to manage these stressors and the correct avenues to seek help if needed

About the Author:

Mary Spiro is ASCB's Strategic Communications Manager.