Share Your “I Am ASCB” Story

I AM ASCB - Yuan Ren

ASCB’s Public Information Committee showcases life scientists just like you in short self-produced “I Am ASCB” videos. These videos display the diversity and breadth of ASCB members with respect to their background, research interests, vocation, and career aspirations. You can watch some inspiring videos on the ASCB YouTube channel or on the ASCB membership page.

ASCB is looking for additional participants at all career levels who would like to introduce themselves in a brief “I am ASCB” video of no more than 1-2 min total length and answer the three questions below:

  1. Please state your name and current position.
  2. What is your specific area of research? Try to make this as relatable to the general public as possible.
  3. What inspired your interest in Cell Biology?
  4. What value do you get from ASCB?

The video can be recorded using Zoom or any other software. We suggest that you use this image with the ASCB logo as virtual background in your recording. You are welcome to include images or brief videos about your work, but the total length of the video should not exceed 2 minutes. Please submit the video with your name in the file name here. If you have any questions, please contact

About the Author:

Daniel Suter is a Professor of Biological Sciences at Purdue University.