Eric Alpert, Dartmouth University, Wins 2023 ASCB Elevator Pitch Contest


As a scientist working in a research laboratory, it is essential that you are able to explain what you are studying to a broader audience. Indeed, good communication is key to engendering trust between the research community and the general populace.

What is an Elevator Pitch?
An elevator pitch (or “water cooler speech” or “cocktail party speech) is a brief (less than 2 minutes) way of introducing yourself and your science, getting across a key point or two, and making a connection with someone. Imagine yourself in an elevator with a lay audience and just a minute or two to convince that person—a U.S. Senator, someone who could provide funding, a family member, or just someone you met—of the importance of your scientific research.

2023 Elevator Pitch Contest
ASCB’s 2023 Elevator Pitch Contest was held during Cell Bio 2023 in Boston and run by the Public Information Committee (PIC). During the event, applicants were encouraged to inject their own personal style into their videos and to use easy-to-understand language (avoid scientific jargon) so that the video is accessible to a broad audience. Most importantly, we wanted the participants to have fun sharing their work and explaining why they consider their research important for funding and the greater good of society.

View the 2023 Elevator Pitch Winners

1st Place
Eric Alpert, Dartmouth University
2nd Place
Thomas Onorato, LaGuardia Community College
3rd Place
Laura Casas Ferrer, Georgia Tech
Honorable Mention
Leanna Altenburg, Lehigh University
Honorable Mention
Sahil Kamboj, CY Cergy Paris University & the University of Warwick
Honorable Mention
Maria Khalid, Northeastern University
Honorable Mention
Vibha Singh, Institute Curie

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