Abstract Submission Topics

Scientific Tracks

There are seven (7) scientific tracks and one (1) education, professional development, diversity and inclusion track at Cell Bio 2023. All abstracts submitted to the meeting must select a primary track and an optional secondary track from the list below:

  • Cells in Distress and Disease: Cancer, Aging, Infection, Stress, Chemical Biology, and Therapeutics
  • Cellular Dynamics: Compartmentalization, Trafficking, Cytoskeleton, Division, and Migration
  • Cellular Genome: 4D Organization, Expression, Replication, and Repair
  • Communal Cell: Development, Differentiation, Regeneration, Stem Cells, Organs, and Organoids
  • Physical Cell: Bioengineering, Mechanobiology, and Synthetic Biology
  • Signaling and Metabolism: Integrating Intra- and Intercellular Signaling, and Information Processing
  • Specialized Cell and Evolution: Neurobiology, Immunology, and Emerging Model Systems
  • Education, Professional Development, Diversity, and Inclusion

Topics for Subgroups, Minisymposia, and Posters