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ASCB is offering early-career, mid-career, and postdoctoral members an opportunity for involvement on the Cell Bio 2023 Poster Abstract Programming Task Force. The primary purpose of the task force is to review the abstracts submitted for poster presentation and program them into poster sessions for the upcoming annual meeting.

The committee will review abstracts provided via PDF in an email (accompanied by a google spreadsheet link) from Friday, September 8 through Friday, September 15 at midnight EDT. Reviewers will indicate if any abstracts need to be assigned to a different topic, or if the abstract does not meet the minimum standards required for acceptance. Reviewers must also be available to review late abstracts from October 13 to 20. This second review will take place entirely online and will require you to both review the new abstracts submitted to ensure they fit topically and meet the minimum requirements. You and your co-reviewers will then also create sessions for all accepted abstracts based on guidelines and instructions from the ASCB staff. Task force members will also need to be available on October 23 for any questions related to the review and to ensure all abstracts assigned to your topic have been placed in a session.

We are still looking for at least one additional reviewer in these topic areas:

  • 6- Cell-Matrix and Cell-Cell Interactions
  • 10- Regulation and Organization of the Genome
  • 12- Signal Transduction and Signaling Networks
  • 15- Development and Morphogenesis
  • 16- Cancer Cell Biology
  • 19- Cell Biology of Microbes and Parasites
  • 22- Science Education

Selection is first-come, first-served.

For more information on how you can volunteer to be a reviewer, please visit the conference website.

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